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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 8, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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rocco, final word about your book? >> diet without deprivation. delicious. the food makes you swoon and you lose weight fast. >> the guy on the cover gives you credibility. >> someone who knows good food, yeah. >> see you back here tomorrow, everybody. we will be down shortly. morning, everybody, fox news alert. this scathing new tell-all book by former defense secretary robert gates dropping a bombshell on washington today. gates slamming the obama white house suggesting that politics drove president obama's military decisions. there is a whole lot more in this there too. that's where we start. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. in this memoir set to come out next week, secretary gates vents his frustration working with the commander-in-chief, saying that the president, quote, doesn't believe in his own strategy and doesn't consider the war to be his. for him it is all about getting
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out. he is talking about afghanistan there. and that is not all. secretary gates had choice words for the vice president as well as for hillary clinton. bill: some background now. more on this. wendell goler getting push back from the white house this morning there. what else, first of all, wendell, does gates say in this book. >> reporter: bill, gates served the last couple of years of the george w. bush administration, the first couple of years of president obama's and he was critical of both of them. he also says vice president biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue. the book is called, "duty, memoirs after secretary of war. it really takes no prisoners. gates says all too early in the obama administration suspicion and distrust of senior military officers by senior white house officials including the vice president became a big problem for me. gates never doubted his commitment to the troops but he did doubt the support for the miss, even though mr. obama
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approved so-called surge of 30,000 additional troops to afghanistan. he says the president and former secretary of state hillary clinton indicated politics played a part in their opposition of the surge of troops in iraq during the bush administration. when the two were fighting each other in democratic primaries. gates says mr. bush squandered early advances in iraq and afghanistan. gates reserves some of his bitterest criticism for members congress. television cameras of a hearing had effect after full moon on werewolf. the bush balances some criticism with some praise. gates calls mr. obama a man of personal integrity as he faults his leadership. the decision to approve the raid to kill obama obama is one of the most courageous he witnessed in the white house, bill. bill: we're getting to the next page in this story and that is the white house reaction, wendell. so far, what have they said? >> reporter: they're thanking gates for his service if not his words and getting behind joe biden as you can imagine.
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a spokeswoman says the president welcomes differences among his advisors. he said, quote, joe biden is one of the leading statesmen of his time and advanced american leadership in the world. president obama relies on his good counsel every day. the white house invited still cameras at this point to the president's weekly lunch with joe biden to make clear his support for him. that is something they don't usually do. bill: if ever. wendell goler more reaction throughout the morning, leading our coverage there. of the. martha: let's get background on the former secretary of defense. roberts gates is a native kansas before serving in the air force before becoming the youngest director of the cia under president george h.w. bush. became president of texas a&m. sworn in as secretary of defense by george w. bush. he is only defense secretary asked to stay in office by a newly-elected president until he retired in june of 2011.
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he was also awarded the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor by president obama. the president calling him, one of our nation's best. >> a humble american patriot. a man of common sense and decency. quite simply one of our nation's finest public servants. bill: that june of 2011. now we will have more on the bombshell book throughout our program today. has the president as bob gates alleges, put politics before country? alan colmes, tucker carlson, tackle that. should we be surprised by any of this? ralph peters will get on that a bit later in our program today as well. martha: i mean what we just talking about in his biography being the only defense secretary to be asked to stay on. he was in the middle of the iraq war and afghanistan war. that is one of the reasons president obama wanted him to stay on but he crossed over the republican administration that started those wars and democratic administration made
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most of its effort to finish them and how well they have done on the front is underlying reality of this book. bill: a man with a lot of experience in washington. martha: absolutely. bill: we are asking you at home today, what do you think. was bob gates right to tell all? send us a tweet @billhemmer and @marthamaccallum. there is lot more in the book too. we'll break it down for you. martha: we'll be digging through it during the course of the next two hours. meantime have you noticed it is still quite cold out there. a deep freeze now supposedly easing its grip. the country is thawing out a bit after three straight days of record breaking polar temperatures brought on by the polar vortex we've been talking about so much. dealingdealing with the cold hat been easy. firefighters in eastern pennsylvania dealing with that. look at these pictures. can you imagine working in those conditions as these folks do.
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>> the ice stays on the beard and stuff with water. i go back for them. thank them for doing that. i really appreciate it for trying to save people's lives. >> this is the coldest fire i ever been at. it is frigid. martha: wow, look at those pictures. a great quote from that young man for those heroes. nobody was hurt thankfully. a shelter set up to keep volunteers and neighbors warm. the cause of that fire is under investigation. bill: still cold today. hope the stuff moves out of here but it ain't. fox news alert. a freight train carrying oil and propane derailing and catching fire this time in canned today. sparsely populated region of new brunswick we're told. forcing dozens of folks living nearby to leave their homes. no injuries or deaths. crews will use a helicopter to inspect the damage. the derailment comes a week later that a train carrying crude oil in north dakota
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exploded and derailed as well. martha: it had been 50 years since president lyndon johnson launch ad war on poverty. >> a program i shall propose will emphasize this cooperative approach, to help that 1/5 of all american families with incomes too small to even meet their basic needs. martha: since then president after president has tried to end poverty. so is anything really worked? here now is stuart varney, host of "varney & company." stuart, good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning, martha. martha: that is a huge question of reflection as we look back on the great society 50 years later. does this kind of government handout program help to improve the lives of people? >> okay. first of all let me deal with how much we've spent in the last 50 years. the grand total is
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$20.7 trillion. we're now spending roughly $900 billion per year giving out 80 different welfare programs. 100 million people get something. they average $9,000 a year in cash value per person, per year in this war on poverty. now to answer your question. did we in fact make any real progress? here's the simple answer. we have not made that much progress in reducing the poverty rate. 15% of americans are still in poverty. it is roughly the same level as it was back in 1964. it did help feed hungry people, treat sick people and it did raise the standard of living for many, many poor people. however the proportion of people still living in poverty, pretty much the same as it was back in 1964, martha. martha: let's talk a little bit about what president obama wants to do. it is not a large-scale program as we talked about yesterday. >> well he is extending the war
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on poverty and increasing the amount of money that is spent on it. he wants to extend unemployment benefits for example. he changed the rules on the earned income tax credit. that is cash welfare. he changed rules on availability of food stamps, enhancing that program now nearly 49 million people get food stamps. so the president has expended the war on poverty but at this point it has not had a noticeable effect on poor people in the united states. we still have the buying power of poor people down in the last five years and middle income, middle class people, they too have found that their buying power is squeezed. the president wants to extend the war on poverty. that is what he is in the process of doing this year. martha: not really noting the anniversary of johnson's program beginning today in any official way but he will start to roll out his own program in the coming days. stuart, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. bill: 10 minutes past the hour now. president obama launching his own war on poverty, starting
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what he is calling promise zones. is that class warfare all over again? chris stirewalt, full analysis in a moment on that. martha: a pickup truck skids right off an icy freeway. look at this. bad weather though may have been the lifesaver in this case. we'll show you. bill: that is a long way down. more on the scathing book by robert gates slamming the white house and administration. did the president put his own re-election ahead of the country? we'll debate that and this. >> this is damning criticism of the president and his foreign policy and the behavior of those around him. e bars. ryan, your hotel's robes are fabulous. so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is...
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martha: a woman drives off a highway overpass and lives to tell about it. here you can see this. watch this. the lights of the pickup truck that curve, it is in minnesota. it goes around a curve and flies literally off the road, landing more than 50 feet below on the
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bottom right of your screen on to a frozen pond. as you watch that again. kind of hard to tell. it is dark. it went over the side. landed on a pond. the driver escaped with no serious injury. was able to drive off the frozen surface. police are investigating but the overpass was reportedly very slick from the snow. thank god it was frozen below. bill: you can't see the black ice sifting out there. 50 years to the day after lbj launched his war on poverty, mr. obama takes that on. he will announce so-called, promise zones where the government will provide tax incentives and assistance for some of america's poorest communities. we're past efforts to eradicate the worst pockets of poverty have failed. chris tire walt, host of "power play." good morning to you. you say two topics merge here. in what sense? >> this sense. the president would very much like to change the discussion to what he says is a republican
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cruelty or resistance to helping those in need, whether it is extending unemployment, emergency unemployment benefits into a fifth year, or whether it is his call for these promise zones or anything else and democrats are heartened. they say he has the bully pulpit. he can push hard on the issues and change the narrative for the 2014 election. think about this, brother hemmer, a president who is now the author of the most famous unkept, probably not meant to be kept promise in presidential history, the if you like it, you can keep it promise, is that a guy that the american people are ready to listen to on a promise zone? are the american people ready to listen to somebody who robert gates says put policy, or put politics in front of policy? this is an administration suffering a crisis of confidence with the american people and a bully pulpit is only as effective as the preacher who is in it. bill: sound kind of like jack kemp's idea from 25 years ago.
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going to inevery cities and trying to help people and give them tax incentives to do it, am i wrong or not? >> there is tax incentives, and there is tax incentives. are they pay no taxes or get free money. bill: that is fine distinction. look at the food stamp be program, now. 2008, 2million americans were on food stamps. five years later that has gone up 19 million to 47 million americans. >> well, the point of view of this administration that is in part a good thing because more people who need the help are getting it. much as they point to the enrollment of some five million human beings on to a welfare program, medicaid. they think that it is good when more people are enrolling in these welfare programs. for many americans however, they think that is hallmark of failure. they think that is sign things are going to the wrong way. for the administration they think this is a good thing getting more money out there. this is a president, bill, don't
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forget, said unemployment payments, that well pair payments to unemployed people create jobs. bill: now the issue of the economy. we have been 60 months at 7% unemployment or higher. this is something that came up yesterday at the briefing. here is ed henry talking to jay carney. >> but he now has had five years. does he bear some responsibility for long-term unemployment? >> the president believes everyone is sent to washington by their representatives bears responsibility for taking action to help the economy and help the american people. bill: you know that question will continue to come up, chris. >> well, sure. bill: how do they handle it? >> the narrative from the obama administration that the president is a victim of 40 years of policy failure, republican and democratic alike, that leads to this moment in which people can't get good jobs, the economy has essentially failed, and so that people need to recognize that it's not really his fault. but that not the way politics works. that is sure not the way
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politics is going to work for vulnerable senate democrats, maybe 10 or 12 of them facing republican onslaught this year that is pumped up by public frustrations over obamacare. it is not likely they will get this narrative, that it wasn't us to stick. bill: eventually you own it, right? >> right. that is the deal. bill: the calendar says five 1/2 years. hang that sign. chris, see you a little later. brother chris, brother hemmer checking out. politics page and sign up for chris's daily politics newsletter at see the email there and you will get it. thank you, chris. martha: the hunt is on now for a road rage killer who forced timothy davidson off the road and shot him dead. going to tell you who just joined that investigation. bill: also a very pregnant woman, is there anything but, stuck in a blizzard -- martha: can not be a little
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identity theft protection available, guarding your social security number, your money, your credit, even the equity in your home. you even get a $1 million service guarantee. that's security no one can beat. don't wait until you become the next victim! call the number on your screen and use promo code notme for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection and get a document shredder free. call the number on your screen or go to >> all right. here are some of the top stories developing in "america's newsroom" today. the fbi is now joining the search for a man who shot and killed a 28-year-old driver on a pennsylvania highway. police say that the incident appears to be a case of road rage and that the suspect an victim probably did not know each other. jpmorgan chase agreeing to pay $2.5 billion in fines over their role in the bernie madoff case.
6:23 am
jpmorgan's accused of turning a blind eye while madoff funneled billions of dollars of investor fund through various accounts at their bank. dozens of retired new york city police officers and firefighters including many 9/11 responders charged in a massive disability fraud scheme after being accused of completely making up claims that they were unable to work because of posttraumatic stress disorder. laura engel is live on the very big story from the newsroom. how did they allegedly pull this off, martha. >> reporter: good morning, martha. investigators say there were four ringleaders coached 100 people total how to falsely describe symptoms of depression and other mental health problems that would allow them to get big payouts which totaled hundred of millions of taxpayer dollars n return for mentoring the alleged scammers, the four ringleaders allegedly made tens of thousands of dollars in secret kickbacks according to manhattan district attorney, cyrus vans. he said they very muched the
6:24 am
applicants how to describe symptoms of depression and anxiety during the application process so receive social security disability payments. >> specifically they instructed them on how to intentionally fail memory tests, how to dress when they presented themselves and how to present their demeanor. the managers then, helped the applicants fill out necessary paperwork to ssa. >> reporter: some defendants claim they rarely left their homes, did not travel and had almost no social interaction with family and friends but court documents reveal those defendants were seen vacationing, doing sports and some were gainfully employed, martha. martha: wow what a story. more arrests could be coming right, laura? >> reporter: spokesperson from the d.a.'s office says more arrests will happen but not this week as the investigation continues. the case as you can imagine sent shockwaves through the new york law enforcement community as many alleged participants manufactured claims of mental illness as a result of the
6:25 am
september 11th attacks. >> as a new yorker, as a u.s. citizen, i can only express disgust at the actions of the individuals involved in this scheme. particularly the 72 former members of the new york city police department who have certainly disgraced themselves, embarrassed their families, with their abuse of this system. >> reporter: the four ringleaders have been charged with grand larceny in the first and second degrees and attempted grand larssy in the second degree. the remaining 102 defendants face second degree charges of grand larceny. they say the scheme dates back to 1988. martha. martha: thank you very much. bill: what did he say? he said? martha: try again. bill: the polar vortex, scared me to death. martha: is all shaken up with a vision of the polar vortex -- bill: on a serious note. we were warned that if you go
6:26 am
outside in this weather like this, if you have got some exposed skin and you're out there for too long of a time, you're talking frostbite, right? in a moment, story of a woman, she was in the hospital after she was out in the cold only 15 minutes. what you need to know to protect yourself. marc siegel. martha: cover your nose and your polar vortex. former defense secretary robert gates letting president obama have it in his new book. it is a scathing commentary on the white house. more on the political fallout next. >> so nobody comes out of this very well and i might add, meagan, i'm not sure secretary gates comes out all that well either. if he thought these things and felt them as strongly as he said he did, why did he stay as long as he did and why he didn't say so ng or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns.
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bill: fox news alert. four americans are dead after a us air force chopper crashed in england. it was a pave hawk helicopter, stationed at a british military base, said to be flying very low through rough terrain when it slammed into the eastern coast. police have secured the area. they say they will work with the u.s. military to try to figure out what happened here. four americans dead. martha: your reaction and lots of it today after former defense secretary robert gates has suggested that politics has always been the driving factor behind many of president obama's decisions, particularly the military ones.
6:31 am
he wrote a new memoir, it will be released next week and in it bob gates writes, quote, president obama simply wanted to end the bad war in iraq and limit the u.s. role in the good war in afghanistan. his fundamental problem in afghanistan was that his political and philosophical preferences for winding down the u.s. role conflicted with his own pro-war public rhetoric he especially during the 2008 campaign. joined by alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show, fox news contributor. tucker carlson is the editor at "the daily caller" around co-host of "fox & friends weekend. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. i want to bring up one more quote because it is connected to what i just referenced and i want to get this in the mix as well. he said, as i sat there, this is a situation room meeting in march of 2011, i thought, the president doesn't trust his commander, general david petroleum, can't stand afghan president hamid karzai and doesn't believe in his own strategy and doesn't consider the war to be his.
6:32 am
for him it is all about getting out. alan, why don't you take that on first? >> why didn't he quit. martha: good question. >> if he felt so bad as commander with the chief he should have quit sooner. i thought obama was right about one of these decisions, he calls obama man of integrity. will the real robert gates stand up. he said contradictory things in the beak. those who like president obama will take some of this and those who don't like president will take some of these other, but he is not consistent in what he writes in this book. martha: i want to get to him why he is writing the book and tucker, i want to stick to this issue in the first question. in 2008, when the president ran, remember how much the president's campaign based on how horrible war iraq war was. how dumb it was for president bush to in the first place. he was smarter, he knew the real war and enemy was lurking in the mountains of afghanistan. woe be a better president and take the fight where it needed
6:33 am
to be. turned out realities what that was like fighting that war, turned out to be something that he apparently, according to bob gates did not want to sum. >> well, i mean he had no foreign policy experience of any kind. he had been a state senator just a few years before. he set up this duality. there is the bad war in iraq and good war in afghanistan. it was a way of establishing that he wasn't a reflexively antiwar liberal. turns out he never meant any of it. now you could argue his policy in afghanistan has been good or bad or whatever but it is totally inconsistent with his campaign promises. gates reveals that it was deeply cynical from the very beginning. conversation that he witnessed between the president and secretary of state hillary clinton about how she tailored her answer about the iraq surge based on whether or not it would help her get elected nod, of course, this is how policy is formulated based on the polls? it is a really revealing look how they make decisions there. >> but on the other hand calls hillary clinton -- martha: i want you to address that. that is a devastating quote.
6:34 am
>> right. martha: if you as commander-in-chief and leader of the nation. >> right. martha: if you're putting anything political before the lives of these young men and women you are sending out there, into the battle into afghanistan that is a very huge criticism. >> people who believe that about obama or hillary clinton will take it as gospel. and other people will look at other parts of the book. for example, he also said hillary clinton is pragmatic, tough-minded, indefatiguable, funny, valuable colleague and superb representative. united states all over the world. which version of what robert gates says do you want to believe in this book? he contradicts himself all over the place. martha: let's talk about that because, brit hume last night was on with megyn and brought up that question, tucker. you know, why didn't bob gates, why didn't he come forward with all this now and felt so strongly about these really serious indiscretion that is you're referencing here, was it not his duty to speak about them then? >> well i know gates and i can
6:35 am
say i think he is one of the most impressive people i ever met but i think that is a fair criticism. you shouldn't reserve your thoughts like this for your book. it seems to me if you really feel this way you have an obligation to do something about it. maybe he did. i haven't read the book. only excerpts. i would say most striking part of it me his description of obama's aides, people carrying out the policy, tom donelon national security advisor he describes as incompetent. samantha power, not impressive person, awe-struck freshman i would say is determining whether we commit troops to this or that country. there is no defending that. i would love to hear alan describe why samantha power ought to have any kind of ability to commit troops. >> she doesn't, but the point is i don't know whether it is true. >> this is the defense secretary. >> which part of this book do you want to believe. if you're an anti-obama person and anti-samantha pow he you will believe everything gates says about that. if you have different point of
6:36 am
view you will pick and choose. martha: every book, when you have a experiences with people, human beings are complex, right? you can respect somebody on many levels and disagree with decisions they made at most serious level. >> that's true. martha: the notion you have to be consistent on the -- >> either he agrees the strategy or doesn't. he can't say he agrees with the strategy one part of the book and blasts him for strategy in another part of the book. which is it if. >> alan, you're answering your own question. the reason we take this book seriously he is not reflexive obama hater, or fervent right-wing guy. he worked for president. has nuanced view of the president. >> it is not nuanced to directly contradict yourself. martha: one more thing before we run out of time. i wonder if we hear more about this as we read the rest of the book and hear some of his interviews. possible his motivation for doing this now is the troops and is his allegiance to what he sees as a very broken system in
6:37 am
terms of who's guiding the policy out there and is his primary concern and that may be why he has decided that he had no choice but to come forward and reseal some of the inner workings here because he thinks people need to know them. alan? >> tucker made a good point earlier why didn't he quit or wait until the president is out of office. or unless you want to cash in on a book. if he truly felt as you describe that he should not have kept his job. he said he hated his job by the way in the book. he despised what he did for a living. why did he stay as long as he did. martha: tucker? >> presumably his understanding of service. >> that's wonderful. >> he felt it was his duty. by the way, i think it's a little much to dismiss gates as like a bad defense secretary. >> i'm not dismissing him. >> because he is critical of savior here. up until last week lauded by republicans and democrats alike, totally sober, serious, smart person who we're glad to have working in the federal government. i ate hate to see him subject of
6:38 am
partisan attacks. >> i don't know which one is talking here. martha: we will dig more into this obviously as the book comes out. thank you very much for being here today. >> thank you. >> thanks, martha. bill: but a book shakes -- martha: rises to the top gets a lot of attention this is one of them. bill: with temperatures in the subzero range and continuing health officials warned how quickly profit bite can set in. one woman found that out being outside only 15 minutes. dr. marc siegel with her story. that is all it takes, doesn't it, doc? >> that's right bill. it is freezing out there. a few minutes is enough to put light and limb at risk. anna evans was out with without gloves 15 minutes in overnow hours monday. temperatures in chicago were well below freezing. it was enough time for the her fingers were burning. >> i know it was a problem and my fingers were curled and i couldn't stretch them straight. when i finally got to the heat,
6:39 am
my pinky was the first finger that i could actually move but, the heat made it excruciating like worse. like still, right now, even though i know my fingers is warm, like they still feel like sensation like they are cold. >> bill after experiencing unbearable pain in her fingers, she went to the hospital where her hand were warmed in water, her blisters were popped. she is being treated successfully with combination of painkillers, hydro therapy which uses water and burn creams. she says is beginning to regain feeling in her frozen hands. she will be in the hospital another week. bill: what are they saying about her recovery after that week, mark? >> doctors will probably be able to fully recover. that the test results look good. bones look good. she is hoping she won't have permanent damage. that is good news. >> hard to predict right now. i hope her sensation comes back. just examining her yesterday and seeing her today, she is having
6:40 am
some feeling come back just as her fingers are rewarmed and we're getting them moving again. but hopefully, you know, her sensation will come back. >> according to dr. shenaq the university of chicago treated more than 20 cases of frostbite since just last month compared to only five last year. since frostbite causes numb bess, bill, it is easy to miss. medical experts including me those exposed to extreme cold look out for discolored skin in the hands, feet, noses, chin and cheeks. bill: good to know. thanks, doc. >> thanks, bill. bill: the warning needs to go out especially after this. the polar vortex rolls on. mark, thanks. martha? martha: outrage across latin america. a beauty queen was shot dead along with her ex-husband with their young daughter in the car in a country where murders are very sadly, very common. bill: there is new push for answers and accountability.
6:41 am
sean smith's uncle what he wants to do before he believes it is too late in benghazi. i talked to sean smith's mother about that very topic yesterday afternoon. >> i'm acting as a mother, asking what happened to our son? why wasn't, why didn't they have his back like they promised? that's what i want to know when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. advancing nutrition for diabetes.
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martha: the story has a lot of people upset in one of the world's most crime-ridden countries. former miss venezuela, monica spear, shot dead along with her ex-husband in apparent robbery event while traveling in can rock cast. she is popular soap opera star in the spanish speaking world. they were gunned down after they resisted robbers by locking themselves in their car. venezuela has one of the world's highest murder rates. >> i don't know who's at fault.
6:45 am
i want to know. and i want it to be, i want them to stand up and say, i blew it! i shouldn't have made that decision. but it was made and my son is dead and nothing has been done since then and i'm so terrified that the rest of our sons and daughters will be sent out there with no backup and nobody watching their back. bill: that was part of our conversation yesterday on hq with patricia smith. an emotional appeal yet again from a woman who lost her only son sean in the benghazi terror attack, demanding to know who is at fault in the death of her son, tyrone woods, glen doherty and ambassador chris stevens. smith along with the others writing to house speaker john boehner demanding a special committee to investigate that night. many believe now that time is slipping away. michael ingmier, sean smith's uncle my guest out of north carolina. good morning to you, sir. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure, bill.
6:46 am
bill: my condolences on your loss there. i asked patricia yesterday, there is no blood relationship with you. but you are connected to the family line. >> right. bill: why do you believe or what do you believe a select commit 6 committee would accomplish? >> a select committee can accomplish many things in the sense that a select committee will have subpoena power. they can read classified documents and then the information's condensed. right now what we have is five committees. they're all supervised by house speaker john boehner and they're not sharing information appropriately. we need one body. we need one body that has one point of focus that can really get to the truth. we need real truth and accountability. and that is missing in action. >> you mentioned these committees, there have been five of them ongoing looking at this matter right now and part of this letter. >> exactly. bill: it contained this phrase, guilty knowledge. now what are we to drew from
6:47 am
that? what does that suggest when you address the house speaker that way? >> what it means that the house speaker was privy to intelligence briefings, to military information, to information about exactly what we were doing in libya. so, you know, this is sort of, almost like the, the situation where nancy pelosi for example, was privy to briefings about advanced interrogation techniques and sort of backpedaled, i didn't know that was waterboarding in essence. at this point, it is time to really, to acknowledge the fact that we made some mistakes. we need to hold these, our leaders accountable. and it is just time. it is past time. bill: yeah. we, patricia smith also mentioned hillary clinton. i want you to listen what she said about her from that conversation yesterday. >> and i've been saying the same
6:48 am
thing over and over and over again. where was the security? why won't hillary take? maybe hillary is the one person that can give me answers. she is the one that is running for president, and if she wants to be president, she has to give me answers. bill: what do you think about that? >> oh, yeah, i agree with pat entirely. i personally do not believe that hillary clinton is qualified to be president. it is not just because of benghazi. it is her entire history. from being a disgraced watergate lawyer, to being an ineffect wall senator and a secretary of state with no major foreign policy initiative to her name. i mean, so, pat and i are in contact with each other quite a bit and we both agree. bill: what i asked her at the end of our conversations, whether or not she thinks now that she will ever get answers. she was rather candid, she says she is not so sure. are you? >> exactly.
6:49 am
well, i'm a little bit more dogged. see the advantage point that i have here is that i can call congressional representatives and senators, without the raw emotion of a loss of a blood relative. sean was my nephew by his marriage to my wife's niece. okay? so i don't have that raw emotion. and i also have sort of a private eye doggedness about it. now i'm writing for fox and writing op-eds, i will continue to write about benghazi. continue to artic late my feelings, and moving on there. bill: michael, thank you for your time. we've seen some of your pieces online already. if our viewers want to see them, they can check them out on their own and make their own choices too or own decisions or judgments. >> exactly. bill: as to your arguments and patricia's as well. michael ingmire, we'll speak again, i believe, unfortunately. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, bill.
6:50 am
appreciate it. >> a pregnant woman was trapped in a blizzard and then she went into labor. so she delivered the baby by herself. how about that, right? she will tell you her incredible story. bill: adam housley standing by. he is live in las vegas, the big tech show continues. what's that, buddy? ♪ le love is strange ♪ in the nation, what's precio to you is precious to us.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
bill: so a young woman in indiana stuck in a blizzard at the worst possible time. maybe not the worst but the timing wasn't great. mariah grove learned to deliver her baby by herself. her mother and midwife unable to get there because, i mean, there was a big ol' snowstorm going on. grove says she always planned on a birth at home, just not to do
6:54 am
it this early and, not by herself either. >> her due date was not until the 21st. she wanted to see the blizzard. she didn't want to miss out. the second she came out she was crying. she was pink right away. she already nursed multiple times. i had no tearing luckily. couldn't have asked for a better outcome. bill: nicely done. little evangeline was born 2:00 a.m. weighing 7 pounds, five ounces. mother and baby are doing fine. martha: showoff. bill: nicknamed her snowflake. martha: better her than me. well-done. very well-done. so it is day two of one of the biggest technology trade shows in the world, the las vegas consumer electronics show. doing everything from robotic spider toys and workout equipment and latest tvs and
6:55 am
speakers. guys like adam housley get so excited about all these new machines. adam, tell us what is cool out there, buddy? >> reporter: so excited, get no sleep, martha. we need this for the office. i could be in vegas awe the time wherever i wanted to be and still be there. this is the double. i am going from mini ipad to the robot. $2500 from double robotics. i can talk to you that way, martha. we're in the west coast anyway. not bad. there is a lot of compani here like that that are trying to bring prices to the states. a lot of smart watches have to at the time they are to a telephone. this is called the bird. these watches are from holland. they have their own sim card and connect with bluetooth and have a headset. can be on the phone and a watch as well. you have a sim card, so people overseas, they're like from 150 on. we'll talk about the guy behind me. martha: we're wondering about him. he is having a great time.
6:56 am
>> reporter: we're coming brac to that. this is the i-lock. see yourself in mirror on that side. scans your eyes. all your passwords go away. this will log you on, one in two trillion chance of making a mistake. thumbprints, one in 50,000. last thing, these two cameras are really cool. i showed couple years ago. they're coming to the consumer. 99 for this one. 399 for this one. shoot in 360. really cool cameras. you see some cool things, martha. things that are affordable too. we're likeable. >> four section, what is that guy doing. hard wrap. >> this is mr. fuji. these are one of the things, like, really? these are not for sale. if you want to buy old-fashioned iphone. what is this called. >> looking over the sheets. this is slimmer. >> what he said, martha. >> reporter: i'm going home.
6:57 am
bill: i think that is an actor. martha: they have a lot of actors. bill: right on. former defense secretary robert gates, slamming the president. bombshell new book. revelations for a moment. colonel ralph peters reacts p first time on this. and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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7:00 am
>> today, the next step in the push to extend unemployment benefits is meeting. the senate is meeting to move ahead with the bill. the house republicans are going to speak in a couple minutes. that is where we start with the newsroom. >> speaker john boehner has said the bill will not pass the house and may not get through the senate. democrats are rejecting cuts to
7:01 am
offset the funds. >> what do we expect to hear from speaker boehner? >> we expect the speaker to hammer away at the issues of job and say the house has passed dozens of jobs he believes would help create more jobs and you can expect him when asked about unemployment to say he believes it should be paid for and something in the bill that puts people back to work. that the cycle has to end. so how about job training and get those looking for work new skills. >> we talked about the 50th anniversary of the war on poverty. the white house is coming out with ideas on how to deal with poverty. what is the reaction on the hill?
7:02 am
>> we are looking forward for a speech from eric cantor who is saying better expanding schools is the key so he is going to call for charter schools. he says education in washington has been too slow. so he believes parents and students should have greater flexibility about where they go. and we expect to hear from democratic house leaders and you can expect they will press boehner to take up the unemployment benefits but you can bet they will talk about poverty issue 50 years after the effort by lbj. >> according to the cbo, it
7:03 am
would add $6.4 billion to the deficit. where will they find that money? are they? are democrats considering that idea? they would find a way to pay for it? >> yes and no. they were saying yesterday including harry reid that he is open to offsets but he is saying they have been used. he is not going for anything that cuts obamacare funding. it remains to be seen. a lot of the offsets were used into the ryan-murray budget deal. and we saw accounting gimmicks there where you spend more now and save later. you will have to save it over ten years. this is something likely to pass the senate and then the bull is in the gop's court. >> this is senator coburn.
7:04 am
>> there is a debate about whether this an incentive or disincentive. i want to help people but i want to incentive people to help themselves. >> how much of that is part of the discussion? >> it is a lot of the discussion. the republicans are saying what is the tipping point? when does it stop? 6.5 unemployment? 6% unemployment? most republicans are saying if we can pay for this, we are fine with. especially 6.4 billion over three months. and they want to kick it till the election year so you are
7:05 am
talking about $25 millibillion. >> does it pass the senate? >> i think so. >> 51 votes or more? >> i think it will get 51-60. >> you will need a handful of republicans if they were going to get to that number. what does it to in the house? >> i think john boehner is going to move on this because he knows the democrats are mobilizing. i don't think house republicans want to block this and minimum wage. i can boehner counters with something that is paid for and has other job legislation in there and that will go to conference and i think this will get to president's obama's desk. >> we will see how they reconcile. >> so as congress wrestles with the unemployment benefit, a new
7:06 am
survey shows the job process is looking up. 238,000 jobs were added last month and the industry is gaining new steam in the new year. the white house is left reeling over a new book by. robert gates questioned obama's leadership in deciding for the military mission in afghanistan writing the president was spectacle it would fail. is that a way to run the milita military? the author of the book will be here >> was bob gates right to tell
7:07 am
all? send us a tweet and we will share your thoughts. mixed opinions on this. i think an a lot of people believe he had the right to tell the story. some think he should have done something about it while there. >> a lot of books are written, but it isn't common to have a book be talked about through washington. intense fighting in iraq. two cities are trying to gain control back. the army is getting ready for a massive assault. supplies of food, water and medicine will run out and the senior foreign affair correspondent is here. what is the latest we are hearing from inside the country?
7:08 am
>> our contacts on the ground are saying the iraq military is taking it to the al qaeda military. the troops are aligned with local troops and they are having some success where militants have been driven from most of the area. a lot of the hardware be used by the military there is u.s. supplied but no u.s. troops on the ground. the main city still has a tense standoff and that is where the militants are and were the strongest in 2004 where we watched the u.s. led intense innovation. the iraqi government is trying to encourage them to drive them.
7:09 am
>> we had more deaths there in that part of iraq than anywhere else. >> what we are hearing on the ground is people are fleeing the area. the latest official figure is 13,000. how it was done in 2004, they told everybody to leave and 300,000 people were in the city. that is why there is fears of trying to work around the people there. as for the supplies, there is a shortage of food and fuel. and again, the people call him the middle. these were the people that again, ten years ago the u.s. troops tried to help. including people we were acco
7:10 am
accompanied. the troops are hoping the horror wasn't in vein. >> trapped in antarctica for two weeks and new developments on the rescue of the research ship stuck in huge slabs of ice. >> and an olympic care sized obamacare ad-lib. >> and president obama renewing johnson push to end the poverty in this country but are the proposals more about handouts than reform? >> everybody in cleveland got an obama phone. he gave us a phone. >> how did he give you a phone? >> how did he give you a phone? good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can.
7:11 am
[ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is... we don't have to. the experts have spoken. now it's your move. ♪
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7:14 am
>> a passenger train hitting a tractor trailer in missouri and officia officials are blaming the weather. the amtrak train plowed right into the trailer. 63 on board and no one hurt and the truck driver is doing okay, too. it is cold out. >> this administration today here and now declares unconditional war on poverty in america. >> that is a good idea? that is president johnson exactly 50 years today. medicare, medicaid, and head start came from those programs. today the president is pushing to extend long term benefits and raises new questions about
7:15 am
whether his policies are about handouts or fixing the problem. we showed the woman who was famous about the obama phone we got for free. it is huge issue in the country whether or not being what the president i believe could be compassionate and giving people in need things is the way to improve poverty. >> it is the old saying if you give man a fish he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat forever. how long can the government continue to give people unemployment benefits until they get a job? we are seeing millions unemployed. and he talks about minimum wage.
7:16 am
people at mcdonalds don't make enough muoney. but the statistics don't show that. the poverty rate is 4.6% if you have a full-time worker versus 15% for overall america >> there is a piece in the national review today by charles murray that says in 1949 those below the poverty level was at 41% and the number fell until lbj began the program and then it was 19%. and he said what happened in that period that caused the levels to fall? and he said nothing. the government didn't do anything during that period in terms of giving people things. >> and that rate went from 19% to 15% so what is going on isn't
7:17 am
working. we could have put what we spent into creating jobs. what happened to the period prior was after the war there was job creation. and jobs, jobs, jobs. >> how do you do it though? >> you have to have regulation that is not so tough. i start a small business and the amount of paperwork and the fees i pay -- a lot of people don't have the resources. there is people in the garage with ideas but if the government is in the way of creating that you will never create the job. if i start a small business it isn't about me. microsoft was a two-man start. >> you have to make it easier to start businesses and give them incentives. they are saying part of the promise zone is places in the
7:18 am
country that deserve tax incentives because people will then start businesses in that place. but there are roadblocks to that. >> they are targeting philadelphia in one of the speeches. my handing more handouts to the region isn't going to get them more businesses. you need more demand for items. and you an actual job. you need to get out there and get a job. >> but yesterday we heard conservatives are not compassionate and they need to under people need help. >> i realize people need help
7:19 am
but if we keep helping them they have no inceptive to look for a job. why go out and get a minimum-wage job when they are they are getting the same amount of money. the stinks at first but the only way to get out is to work. >> builds your sense of family as well in terms of getting under the poverty level >> a bombshell of a book from defense secretary robert gets saying the president put politics before everything. peters asked should we be surprised? we will talk to him >> the polar vortex is on the way out. but not before the freezing from much of the nation. scenes from the frozen zone.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> what a story this was. the russian research ship stuck in antarctica is finally free. a chinese ice breaker came to their rescue but they got frozen, too. everybody has been rescued and they are making their way to the
7:24 am
open hour. >> the end in sight for a record-shattering arctic blast blamed for 21 deaths. the system is heading out but not soon enough for millions of year. >> it is okay to me. i love the cold. >> what do you mean you love the cold? >> i love cold weather. it is good to me >> you can not walk in this. sleep. you can't do nothing. summer, we are ready for you >> it is going to be a while before that happens. rick is live in lower manhattan where it is still cold. how did you survive yesterday? >> yesterday was tough, bill. it is pretty bad this morning. it is just 11 degrees with the wind chill making it feel like 3 below 0. all you have to do is look behind us at the marina which is just frozen over completely.
7:25 am
it is pretty severe here and on the niagra river up north which looks like a glacier. there is an ice jam near the power station causing concern. >> we will continue to monitor it and pray it doesn't stop moving. once it does the ice will build, the pressure and put damage to our home here. >> the situation on the highways in northern and western new york are high. a 130-mile stretch of the highway was closed overnight and a state of emergency by the governor. they are expecting snow up there but we are told it will warm up eventually. >> like in june? seriously, there is relief in sight coming quickly? >> yeah, big chunks of the
7:26 am
nation are warming up. including atlanta which should be 30. yesterday it was 6 degrees there which was colder than atlanta freezing fountains and closing schools. and a lot of other issue including power outages in north carolina and south carolina and ohio and tennessee saw near-record winter useage. and higher emergency prices including the prices of heating oil and natural gas. >> i agree with you on that. stay warm in frozen manhattan. >> robert gates is the man of the hour. he has thrown the book at the
7:27 am
president questions his military decisions. ralph peters on that next. >> and this -- >> party like an animal. >> the nfl mascot and cheerleading squad behind an amazing stunt you will want to check out. we will talk to her and the mascot is going to be along. he doesn't talk, but has guts, too. sunnis
7:28 am
shiite the shii
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> serious new questions raised about the president's military leadership especially how he runs the military as commander in chief. former defensive secretary robert gates writing quote most of my conflicts with the obama administration were not over policy initiatives but rather the national security staff and the operation medleing. there is a lot here to talk
7:32 am
about. lieutenant kernel, ralph peters and author of book. i know you will read the book based on what we have seen so far what do you make of it? >> it is one of the very few books from washington i will read. it sounds like he is trying to write one that is honest. already, because he can not attack his expertise, they are honoring his character. and gates is an honorary man. the thing about that is there are so few surprises in what we know about the book. was it is prize the tight circle
7:33 am
d d disstaned the military? was it a surprise they oppose the iraq surge on political grounds? gates is wrestling with himself on this. he says the president didn't support the war in afghanistan but did the war. and if the president led the troops into a war he doesn't believe he would win is as low as anyone has gone. >> i think a lot of people are hearing it. they are hearing it in a way he wasn't committed to a charge he
7:34 am
was commander of. on face value with reading the book that was the greater context. that is what people are hearing and appareapparently you don't? >> look at obama's inner circle. none of them served in the military and they wouldn't. people like samantha power think it is fine to use the military for hostile purpose. the abuse of the military and complexity throughout washington. >> you have been around long
7:35 am
enough to know people in the military feel like they are are used all of the time. bush was willing to disagree with seniors but never questioned them. obamacare was respect full of them but disagreed with them and was suspicious of their actions. bush enjoyed the company of the senior military and i think obama felt the time spent was an obligation. was that your take? >> yes. but i don't care if they enjoy hanging out them, but they should respect them. you have obama being aloof and
7:36 am
disstainful. obama never paid his dues. he comes from this left wing in which everyone views military as dr. strange love characters. i don't think the troops were ever real for these people. and the ones coming in dead, who are lying right now maned and burned in hospitals deserve better from the president of the united states than abandoning them in a war he never believed. >> when you finish the book, i want you to come back. there is a lot in the book. and you mentioned the surprise here is that someone wrote on honest book. 50 years ago the surgeon
7:37 am
general warned americans about the dangers of smoking. but smoking is still the number one thing that contributes to deaths. where are we on that now? >> this coming saturday, 50 years since the war of smoking was declared. 8 million lives have been saved as a result. how have the numbers changed? >> 1965, 42% of american adults smoked and that is down to 19%. what led to the reduction? bans on smoking in the workplace in restaurants and work places. and in addition to bans on advertising, increase in taxes have helped people quit or
7:38 am
reduce second-hand smoke exposure. 44 million people in the country are lighting up. so more needs to be done to encourage or force people to quit. >> we need to do more to regulate the industry. we need to do more to increase the price. and make sure we keep pace with the changing products. we have been able to document what the tobacco industry has done to make the products more addictive. >> worldwide the rates are down, but because of population increases more people are smoking now than every before. >> is everybody on board with the war on tobacco? >> some are. some are not. they not the fda plan to put
7:39 am
graphic pictures on smoking. and smoker's rights people are trying to fight the ban of smoking in outdoor places. >> it has again too far in the other direction. smokers pay taxes and they are citizens of had country and shouldn't be pushed. >> e-cigarettes is a complex issue. they could help some people to give up cigarettes. but on the other hand, they could encourage a lot of people, including young people, to get hooked and maybe then they go to cigarettes after that. >> very interesting. thanks, john. the white house is spending millions to promote obamacare during the olympics.
7:40 am
is that the best way to spend the tax money? >> a run on velveta. we will find out if you can get your cheese product before kickoff. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop onne with her debit card. and does bill, an identity thie who stole mary identity, took over r bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. who unfortunately, millions of americans just like yous, learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's ,
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7:43 am
>> here we go. party crisis or marketing coo. a velveta shortage. craft is warning you might neot be able to find our favorite snack.
7:44 am
kraft thinks it will be a short time. >> i think there is no shortage. they wantia to be worried. they say what if bill can't have his cheese, they will panic and run out and buy it. >> that is not your cheese. all right. >> moving onward, the obama administration is defending their ad for the olympics. they have spent $684 millions on ads and promotions for obamacare. this as the latest new poll shows 53% of americans would like the law to be repealed. that is a tough number. 41% say leave it in place.
7:45 am
we are joined by williams and ebony. ebony, it is obvious why they would want to do this. they are supposed to have 7 million signed up by march and they are nowhere near that number. but 53% want the whole thing repealed so it is fair to spend money to push the ads down people's face? >> the administration has to. messages has been a huge challenge. the administration has to take this step. we have invested so much for the law whether you support it or don't. so abandoning it now would be a misstep. a little over two months outside of the open enrollment ending and they have to make a push to get healthy young people enrolled. >> she's saying if you like it or hate it, it behooves all of
7:46 am
you to want to see it succeed so maybe it will work out to be not as bad as the 53%. >> they are working overtime to sell something that can not sell itself and that people don't want. that is our money. americans are telling the president we don't like this law. this isn't the way to go to health care reform. you promised us we could keep our plans. you are not campaigning anymore. people are seeing the results of this policy. it is effecting their health and freedom. so no marketing is going to gloss this over. >> it raises questions about the public service announcement model and whether or not it is fair for the government to spend
7:47 am
money, and i should mention the ad agency doing this was asked how much was the ad buy and they refused to say. try that with the irs. if you decide you don't want them to know how much your spending, they are supposed to go away. shouldn't we know what the g. is spending on the ads? >> certainly. two things. number one: the government has to have a response because there has been hundreds of dollars of ads for obamacare from private industries. they have to have a response so that the message is clear. this is about telling people how to actually enroll. it is beyond political
7:48 am
messageing. this is so we get to a solution-based result. >> they have to save it if they want to have a positive impact on many things including the political outlook. you look at the north carolina senate race where hagan who was very solid in the seat is now by most-of the poles we could find it is looking to be close for hagan. these ads will be playing in north carolina. >> i think it is an effort to back up the democrats who supported the law and saying stand behind them. a lot of the democrats in 2010 were running against obamacare and saying they supported the appeal. now you will have them in support of the president's law facing facing issues. no amount of marketing is going
7:49 am
to fix the bad policy. >> and nothing puts lindsey von back in either. >> tough break for her. she tried. one team's cheering squad is world class. the daring mascots and the cheerleaders are our guest next.
7:50 am
female announcer: female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> the jacksonville jags celebrated only one victory at home and they would like to change that. but that didn't stop their
7:53 am
mascot and cheerleaders from pulling this off. that is crazy. i mean that is a rope, swing zip line. check it out. four cheerleaders and a mascot. lauren is one of them and she is on the show. how are you doing? >> good morning. we have jacksonville here our crazy mascot. >> i am not going to talk to him because he is not allowed to talk. la lauren, you volunteered for this, what was it like? >> as soon as they asked who wants to jump off the light post
7:54 am
i was like i am so there. it isn't every day you get to do that. >> you have a lot of guts >> jackson has been doing this for over 15 years. he always jumps off at every game. and he wanted to invite some of the girls to jump with him. so i couldn't pass that up. >> the ride is outstanding -- video -- what is he holding there? is that what saves your life? >> this is what prevents us from falling and protects us. >> you went zip lining in california and thought you would try it again. what does it feel like standing on top of the light post 200 beat above? >> i was excited. by the time i got to the top of
7:55 am
the light post it was a little nerve-wracking but i was excited. >> if you could only get this t team. i would imagine you would do it again, right? you played football yourself, didn't you? >> i did. i played eight years of women's competitive flag football. i enjoyed it. >> what kind of reaction are you getting? >> everyone is so excited about it. it isn't every day you get to do this. we have getting a lot of hits on it. we have the videographer devon to put to together. >> tell jacksonville we said hello.
7:56 am
thanks for your time. >> he is blowing you kisses. >> good luck, lauren. >> thanks for having me. >> one of the four cheerleaders who volunteers to do that. >> i would have been terrified to do that. he is cute; that mascot. so there is that. and then there is this: the bombshell book that is sending shockwave across washington. a live report including pushback from the white house.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
bill: throughout the morning was asked was it right for bob gates to tell all in his new book? >> patricia tweeted. a shame the media hasn't done
8:00 am
its job. bill: she said it was rude and wrong. >> a responsible man for the country needed to know. we're dealing with a lot of excerpt that is we've seen. we'll see what is in there. bill: ralph peters said a lot of trash is written but i will read this one. martha: bye everybody. jon: we take it from here with today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jenna: fallout from a tell-all book from former defense secretary robert gates. and the white house reaction. accused killer of this man in a road rage incident. why police say that suspect could strike again and what they want the public to do. big story today. a beauty queen gunned down on a highway. her young daughter is wounded. what police learned about the murder. it is all "happening now."


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